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Play this video is the hottest scheduling system on the market today. With powerful Adaptive Scheduling Technology, brings new meaning to the words "automated scheduling". You've never used anything like this before!

From the ground up, we have designed to specifically address the scheduling needs of the company as a whole. Our core objectives are to help you save time, reduce labor costs, and improve customer service by scheduling the right people at the right times. In short, is an automation system for quickly generating schedules and managing employee-centric data.

Driven by real data...
Unlike other products available on the market today, was not designed as a tool for formatting or drawing "prettier" schedules. It is a processing engine that analyzes data and information that you input regarding employees and your sales (sales are projected based on historical data). The Scheduling Engine™ utilizes labor percent targets, employee requests for time off, skill sets, and comparative position rankings to rapidly generate viable schedules. These schedules can then be quickly adjusted and fine-tuned by the scheduling manager prior to being placed into the production environment.

Because the Scheduling Engine™ does most of the work for you, the process is considerably faster than if a manager were to generate the schedules manually. Of course, in addition to greatly automating the scheduling process, we couldn't resist making them look ridiculously good also...

Play this video
"Each year minimum wage goes up. We have to keep a tighter and tighter control over our labor costs. The system more than pays for itself by helping us hit our targets. I can't imagine going back to the old excel spreadsheets that we used to use."
-- Rey
"The employee request system is great. They can give me a note, that I enter into the system and it stays there until that day comes. They don't accidentally get scheduled. Even better is when the employee enters the request themselves through the employee site. No more papers laying around on the desk to get lost, and get me in trouble."
-- Andy
"In the past we have had to look up schedules for particular employees for an investigation. It is easy to find out when an employee worked, and to show that there was no significant change over time to the amount of hours the employee worked. It brings peace of mind knowing that you can find information quickly, and not have to dig through a bunch of old boxes to find schedules that may or may not be there."
-- Jason
"It really helps to control minor hours. In our state, minor limitations are really strict. With MrSchedule, the managers just need to set up the minor availabilities and number of hours they can work each day to the limits the state sets (or tighter) so that we don't have to worry about minors working when they are not permitted. The managers still need to enforce it, but it's much easier than before."
-- Norma
"I would recommend the service to anyone. It makes everyone's job easier. I can spend more time working with my team on their procedures and making sure my guests needs are met."
-- Laura

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